Expansion Joint Systems

Architectural Applications/Stadiums

Pratt & Whitney StadiumPolyset has been able to transfer its expertise from the bridge expansion joint industry over to architectural applications and stadiums. Expansion joint control systems are required in many different construction applications from buildings to sound barrier walls to rail platforms. Ply-Seal® will bond to most any substrate and provide a flexible, waterproof joint system that is easy to install with minimal down-time. Ply-Seal® can also be color coated to match adjacent substrates – typical colors include black, gray and beige.


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Ply-Seal® Joint SystemsWaterproof Flexible Joint System
Ply-Seal® Joint Systems MetricWaterproof Flexible Joint System (Metric)
Ply-Seal®Highest Temperature Resistance; Non-E.V.A.
Ply-Seal® XEHigher Ultimate Elongation
Ply-Seal® XE BeigeContains H.A.L.S. for U.V. Stabilization
Ply-Seal® FB H.A.L.S.Cost Effective for Exterior Applications
Ply-BonderIndustrial Grade Adhesive (Gray)
Ply-Bonder BeigeIndustrial Grade Adhesive (Beige)
Cover PlatesAvailable Upon Request
Joint Seal Installation
Ply-Krete® UV GrayAesthetic Match Adjacent Substrates
Ply-Krete® Installation
Ply-Seal® Epoxy PasteIdeal for Patching without Forms
Ply-Seal® FR Joint SystemsFire, Smoke, and Fume Protection
Ply-Seal® Color Match SystemsMany Colors Available Upon Request
Ply-Seal® Splicing IronWelding Ply-Seal® Products Onsite or at the Shop
FP GunPneumatic Dispensing Gun
Ply-Krete® H DrillHelical Drill for Ply-Krete® Products
Ply-Krete® Mixing StationTool for Mixing and Handling Thick Materials