Learn about our new premium quality, precompressed joint seal!

Polyset is excited to introduce Ply-Seal® SS, a premium quality, precompressed joint seal that is composed of a micro-cell monolithic polyurethane foam, impregnated with a waterproof hydrophobic polymer sealing compound.

This joint seal is top coated with a traffic-grade silicone that is UV and chemical resilient. The material is secured in place with Ply-Bonder, a high-strength, 2-part epoxy adhesive on the vertical surfaces for a waterproof joint that handles tension and compression movement of +/- 50%.

This durable joint seal is ideal for bridge decks, parking garages, rail platforms and other structures where a waterproof joint seal is required for either new construction or rehab projects.

Ply-Seal® SS is approved by the New York State Department of Transportation (705-23).

Key Features:

  • Handles vertical & horizontal shear
  • Weather, UV, and chemical resilient
  • Factory-applied traffic-grade silicone
  • Monolithic foam base
  • Operating range of –40° F to 190° F
  • Field installations are quick and easy
  • Not affected by rapid thermo cycling

For more information, contact our Expansion Joint Systems team!