Airports and surrounding facilities must endure a myriad of different types of abuse from baggage carts, heavy equipment, traffic, airplanes, and maintenance vehicles.

The joints used must be waterproof and able to withstand freeze-thaw cycles, as well as being able to withstand washing down and deicing of planes.

It is important to have a product that can be flexible, cost effective, and easily installed for minimal down-time. Our Ply-Seal® Joint Systems are durable to handle traffic abuse, as well as being waterproof and chemical resistant. Ply-Seal® is custom fabricated to accommodate almost any required application to reduce cost and shorten construction delays.

Access roads and approaches, as well as drop-off locations, may require systems with a protective nosing, such as our Ply-Krete® FS Joint Systems. The System consist of a high strength, moisture insensitive, elastomeric concrete nosing material that absorbs the impact of road traffic and heavy equipment. When uses in conjunction with our Ply-Seal®, the system provides a durable, waterproof joint seal. These armorless joint systems are designed to preserve and protect concrete substructures by preventing water absorption and minimizing chloride intrusion in the most abusive environments.

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