Expansion Joint Systems

Water/Waste Water Treatment

Water / Waste Water TreatmentPly-Seal® foam joint seals are ideal candidates for Water and Waste Water Treatment facilities because they are closed-cell, waterproof, chemically resistant and flexible systems. Ply-Seal® prevents water absorption, minimizes chloride intrusion and allows for high movement in adverse environmental conditions. Ply-Seal® is compatible with many different construction materials and resistant to abrasion, oxidation, oils, gasoline, salt, and other materials that may come in contact with the surface. Ply-Seal® conforms to ASTM D1056, Type 2 Class B, Grade 3 and can be bonded with our epoxy Ply-Bonder to a variety of substrates including concrete, steel, asphalt, elastomeric concrete, or wood.



Hydrostatic Applications
Ply-Seal® Joint SystemsWaterproof Flexible Joint System
Ply-Seal® Joint Systems MetricWaterproof Flexible Joint System (Metric)
Ply-Seal®Highest Temperature Resistance; Non-E.V.A.
Ply-Seal® XE BeigeContains H.A.L.S. for U.V. Stabilization
Ply-Seal® FGWaterproof Compatible Foam
Ply-BonderIndustrial Grade Adhesive (Gray)
Ply-Bonder BeigeIndustrial Grade Adhesive (Beige)
Ply-Bonder FPBond Fresh Concrete to Other Construction Materials
Ply-Seal® / HydrostaticIdeal for Applications Under Pressure
Joint Seal Installation
Ply-Seal® Joint Detail with FGFull Depth Waterproof System
Ply-Seal® Epoxy PasteIdeal for Patching without Foams
Ply-Seal® Splicing IronWelding Ply-Seal® Products Onsite or at the Shop
FP GunPneumatic Dispensing Gun
Ply-Krete® H DrillHelical Drill for Ply-Krete® Products
Ply-Krete® Mixing StationTool for Mixing and Handling Thick Materials