We hope to see you in Vegas in January 2023!

Our Expansion Joint Systems and Protective Coatings teams are heading to WOC 2023! Be sure to visit Tom, Todd, and Matt in booth #S12619 to learn more about the global projects that require our Ply-Krete® Expansion Joint Systems or our Ply-Guard line of Floor & Concrete Coatings.

As a manufacturer of Expansion Joint and Protective Coating systems, we partner with engineering and architecture firms, contractors, OEMs, and state agencies around the world.

Our Ply-Krete® (elastomeric concrete) and Ply-Seal® (expansion joint seals) systems have been utilized in bridges, parking decks, stadiums, and waste water treatment facilities to ensure structural integrity, prevent water absorption, and minimize downtime.

Our Ply-Guard line of resinous floor and concrete coatings systems includes:

  • Ply-Guard EP – a two-component, low viscosity, 100% solids resin system
  • Ply-Guard AS – a two-component, fast curing, polyaspartic
  • Ply-Guard UR – a two-component, 100% solids, rapid curing, spray-applied polyurea

Our floor coatings are found around the world in airports, automotive service, commercial kitchens, garage floors, hotels, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, sporting venues, and warehouses.