WB HRZS® is the previously NASA-patented coating technology IC 531. Polyset is the original, commercial manufacturer of this product. It is a 100% WaterBorne, High Ratio Zinc Silicate. WB HRZS® chemically bonds to steel to provide excellent corrosion protection (both galvanic and cathodic), has high heat and abrasion resistance, is completely self-curing and 0 VOC. WB HRZS® provides unparalleled protection for steel in the harshest marine and offshore environments. It can be used as a Single Coat System, Primer or a Pre-Construction Primer and top-coated with a variety of different options.

Hydroelectric: Due to the superior anti-fouling properties of WB HRZS®, it can be successfully used in steel immersion applications in saltwater, freshwater or brackish water environments. Hydroelectric floodgates, turbines, penstocks, trash racks and other steel structures are ideal applications for WB HRZS®, either as a Single Coat System or a Primer.

Case Study: Twin Falls Hydro Generation Facility

Oil and Gas: WB HRZS® allows for the easy mixing of two components (zinc and silicate binder), conventional spray-gun application and fast dry time (no post-curing required). As a result, this leads to easy maintenance and minimal downtime of equipment in high production, on or offshore field environments. Structures may be placed back in service in as little as two hours after application. The abrasive-resistant finish of WB HRZS® will protect steel structures from harsh offshore environments, as well as tremors from everyday stress.

Wind: Polyset’s WB HRZS® Primer (3-4 mils DFT) + Ply Guard AS (6-8 mils DFT) two-coat system is designed to withstand highly corrosive environments for both inland and offshore wind tower locations as specified per ISO 12944-2 C5-M. WB HRZS® Primer is dry within 30 minutes after application (@77°F) and can be top-coated with Ply-Guard AS after only two hours of initial cure. This rapid-deployment, high gloss system also has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Finally, its elongation properties are second to none, which is an extremely critical feature for wind towers, particularly at the hub section that is constantly pulsing and flexing.

Download: ASTM D522 Cylindrical Mandrel Test Results

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