Expansion Joint Systems


Denver International AirportIt is imperative that our airports consistently function at a high level in order to ensure an efficient and timely experience for all travelers. Delays and cancellations can of course occur due to the mechanical failures of a plane, but they can also be attributed to a host of other issues, including the wear and tear of runways, ramps and parking structures of an airport. This sort of structural damage can often be attributed to the failure of the expansion joint systems in place. These joints must withstand freeze-thaw cycles, endure heavy equipment traffic from airplanes, trucks and maintenance vehicles and also be easy to install for minimal down-time.

Ply-Krete® joint systems consist of a high strength, moisture insensitive, elastomeric concrete nosing material and Ply-Seal®, a waterproof joint seal. This is one of the best systems available in the market for airports. The “toughness factor” of the Ply-Krete® joint system is second to none. These systems are designed to preserve and protect concrete decks and substructures by preventing water absorption and minimizing chloride intrusion in the most abusive environments.


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Ply-Seal® Joint SystemsWaterproof Flexible Joint System
Ply-Seal® Joint Systems MetricWaterproof Flexible Joint System (Metric)
Ply-Seal®Highest Temperature Resistance; Non-E.V.A.
Ply-Seal® XE BeigeContains HALS for UV Stabilization
Ply-Seal® FB H.A.L.S.Cost Effective for Exterior Applications
Ply-BonderIndustrial Grade Adhesive (Grey)
Ply-Bonder BeigeIndustrial Grade Adhesive (Beige)
Ply-Seal® Cover PlatesAvailable Upon Request
Joint Seal Installation
Ply-Krete® Joint SystemsElastomeric Concrete with Waterproof Joint Seal
Ply-Krete® Joint Systems MetricElastomeric Concrete with Waterproof Joint Seal (Metric)
Ply-Krete® FSElastomeric Concrete / Fast Setting
Ply-PrimerMoisture Barrier / Enhances Bond for Elastomeric Concrete
Ply-Krete® Installation
Ply-Seal® Epoxy PasteIdeal for Patching without Forms
Ply-Seal® FR Joint SystemsFire, Smoke, and Fume Protection
Ply-Seal® Splicing IronWelding Ply-Seal® Products Onsite or at the Shop
FP GunPneumatic Dispensing Gun
Ply-Krete® H DrillHelical Drill for Ply-Krete® Products
Ply-Krete® Mixing StationTool for Mixing and Handling Thick Materials