FilterCommercial and Industrial filter elements are required to deliver clean air in a number of different environments. Whether the application is for dust collectors or automotive engines, Polyset custom formulates two-component, high performance polyurethane adhesives, elastomers (end caps), and foam systems for various types of air filter applications. Our polyurethane materials are available in soft to rigid durometers, low viscosity to thixotropic, high temperature resistance, high tear strength, and have excellent adhesion to a variety of different substrates and filter medias.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are used in a wide array of applications, many of which require low-outgassing and UL approvals. Polyset has custom formulated polyurethanes adhesives that meet these strict requirements for 40 years. Several of our customers manufacture HEPA filters for the nuclear, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. Our polyurethane materials offer many processing and performance benefits including flow-through characteristics, flame retardancy, FDA compliance, ultra low-outgassing and superior adhesion.