Protective Coatings


WB HRZS® is the previously NASA-patented coating technology IC 531. Polyset is the original, commercial manufacturer of this product. It is a 100% WaterBorne, High Ratio Zinc Silicate. WB HRZS® chemically bonds to steel to provide excellent corrosion protection (both galvanic and cathodic), has high heat and abrasion resistance, is completely self-curing and 0 VOC. WB HRZS® provides unparalleled protection for steel in the harshest marine and offshore environments. It can be used as a Single Coat System, Primer or a Pre-Construction Primer and top-coated with a variety of different options.

WB HRZS® can be used successfully on bridges either as a Single Coat System or as Primer with a top-coat. WB HRZS®’s minimal cure, silicate chemistry is not affected by road salts or acid rain. Since WB HRZS® is 100% waterborne, there is also no danger of overspray damaging surrounding buildings or cars and also no costly solvent disposal issues. WB HRZS® Single Coat System is lower in cost and provides better corrosion protection than galvanizing steel bridge beams.


ProductNumber of ComponentsFeatures
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Ply-Guard FCE2KFast-Curing Epoxy; High-Solids, High-Build
Ply-Guard IC1KHeat Insulating Coating; Thixotropic, Acrylic Elastomer
Ply-Guard ME2KMastic Epoxy Formulation; Chemical-Resistant
Ply-Guard MEA2KMastic Epoxy Aluminum Formulation; High Solids, High Build
Ply-Guard NS2KNon-Skid Epoxy; Chemical-Resistant
Ply-Guard PSC82KPolysiloxane; Combines Technologically Advanced Siloxane Resins and Special Ultraviolet Inhibitors
Ply-Guard WBAC1KWater Reducible Acrylic Finish Coating
Eco-Zinc™2K100% WaterBorne High Ratio Zinc Silicate Coating Engineered Specifically as a Primer
WB HRZS® Single Coat System2KWaterBorne High Ratio Zinc Silicate, Specifically Designed as a Single Coat System
Ply-Guard AS2KPolyaspartic (Aliphatic Polyurea) Coating System
Ply-Guard UR (Fast Set)2KPolyurea Hardcoat: Fast-Set, 100% Solids, 0 VOC
Ply-Guard UR 2KPolyurea Hardcoat: 100% Solids, 0 VOC
Ply-Guard AS Ultra Flex2KAliphatic Polyaspartic Polyurea Coating with Superior Flexibility; High-Gloss, Fast-Curing