Protective Coatings


MarineWB HRZS® is the previously NASA-patented coating technology IC 531. Polyset is the original, commercial manufacturer of this product. It is a 100% WaterBorne, High Ratio Zinc Silicate. WB HRZS® chemically bonds to steel to provide excellent corrosion protection (both galvanic and cathodic), has high heat and abrasion resistance, is completely self-curing and 0 VOC. WB HRZS® provides unparalleled protection for steel in the harshest marine and offshore environments. It can be used as a Single Coat System, Primer or a Pre-Construction Primer and top-coated with a variety of different options.

WB HRZS® has a quick dry-time which allows for easy application on tanks, barges, ships and causeway systems and will last for extended periods of use. Since multi-coat systems are not required, considerable savings advantages for the marine industry can be realized in both the short and long term while also remaining well within environmental guidelines. WB HRZS® chemically bonds to steel which prevents any undercutting should the structure be damaged while in use. WB HRZS® also has excellent anti-fouling properties; barnacles, zebra mussels, oysters, etc. will not adhere to the coating.


ProductNumber of ComponentsFeatures
Flyer - Marine CoatingsMarine Coatings Flyer
Ply-Guard FCE2KFast-Curing Epoxy; High-Solids, High-Build
Ply-Guard IC1KHeat Insulating Coating; Thixotropic, Acrylic Elastomer
Ply-Guard ME2KMastic Epoxy Formulation; Chemical-Resistant
Ply-Guard MEA2KMastic Epoxy Aluminum Formulation; High Solids, High Build
Ply-Guard NS2KNon-Skid Epoxy; Chemical-Resistant
Ply-Guard PSC82KPolysiloxane; Combines Technologically Advanced Siloxane Resins and Special Ultraviolet Inhibitors
Ply-Guard WBAC1KWater Reducible Acrylic Finish Coating
WB HRZS® Primer2K100% WaterBorne High Ratio Zinc Silicate Coating Engineered Specifically as a Primer
WB HRZS® Single Coat System2KWaterBorne High Ratio Zinc Silicate, Specifically Designed as a Single Coat System
Ply-Guard AS2KPolyaspartic (Aliphatic Polyurea) Coating System
Ply-Guard UR (Fast Set)2KPolyurea Hardcoat: Fast-Set, 100% Solids, 0 VOC
Ply-Guard UR 2KPolyurea Hardcoat; 100% solids, 0 VOC
Ply-Guard AS Ultra Flex2KAliphatic Polyaspartic Polyurea Coating with Superior Flexibility; High-Gloss, Fast-Curing