Filtration Adhesives

Reverse Osmosis/Ultra Filtration

RO-UltrafiltrationThe reverse osmosis/ultra filtration markets require adhesives that bond well to specialized membranes in separation process filters. In addition, filter manufacturers can widely vary in their production processes so the adhesive must also be formulated to fit different assembly scenarios. Polyset custom formulates polyurethane adhesives that adhere to both of these requirements. The chemical composition of these materials have a high degree of hydrolysis resistance and very little hardness loss in water at elevated temperatures (85˚C). These adhesives are also formulated with raw materials that will pass FDA and NSF requirements.


Product TypeColorShore HardnessMix Ratio by VolumeFilled/UnfilledComments
PC-3141C, ATan80D2:1FilledNSF qualified for water waste disposal
PC-3154COff-White80D4:1UnfilledNSF, filament winding
PC-3157C, ATan80D2:1UnfilledLow viscosity version of PC 3141
PC-3178CLight Amber80D2:1UnfilledSuitable for Radiation Sterilization
PC-3181C, ATranslucent White65D1:1UnfilledHydrolysis resistant, NSF
PC-3183C, AOpaque55D1:1UnfilledLow viscosity, fast gelling
PC-3212C, AStraw (Yellow)75D1:1UnfilledLow veining, NSF
Type Key: C = Castable, A = Adhesive, F = Foam