Filtration Adhesives


Pool-SpaPolyset manufactures a variety of polyurethane casting and potting materials for filter end caps in the pool and spa industry. These polyurethane compounds are resistant to chlorine and other common pool/spa chemicals while also withstanding the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Our polyurethane materials can be formulated in a range of different colors and hardnesses to meet your specific pool/spa filter cartridge needs.


Product Type2ColorShore HardnessMix Ratio By VolumeFilled/UnfilledComments
PC-3102CTranslucent Blue85A1.37:1UnfilledLow viscosity
PC-3231COrange85A3.3:1FilledExcellent chemical/chlorine resistance
PC-3226CBlue70A2.8:1UnfilledHigh tensile, elongation, and tear strength
Type Key: C = Castable, A = Adhesive, F = Foam