Learn how Polyset’s WB HRZS® is one of the innovations in the development of a new hydroelectric plant.

Do not miss the in-depth examination of the Ravenna Hydroelectric Project at HydroVision 2019. This presentation is a collaboration between Earl Ramlow, Polyset Protective Coatings Product Manager and David Kinoch, President, Appalachian Hydro Associates, Inc. Presented on Thursday, July 25th 3:00 – 4:30 pm (Room: C123 | Session Number:5B5)




The U.S. Department of Energy has identified small, low-head dams as the largest source of potential future development at existing non-power dams. Unfortunately, development of many these small dams has not proven financially viable with conventional equipment and technology.

Appalachian Hydro Associates, Inc. (AHA) has developed a new hydroelectric plant that includes a number of innovations that offer a more cost-effective model for small hydro projects. AHA is in the final construction stages of the 2.64 megawatts (MW) Ravenna Hydroelectric Project (Project) at Lock and Dam 12 on the Kentucky River (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [FERC] Project No. 13214). The Project is the first of four identical projects AHA has planned for the Kentucky River.

The Importance of Polyset’s WaterBorne, High-Ratio Zinc Silicate Coating System

“…the steel components that are at or below the water line are extremely rusted and sometimes rusted away completely. Since a new hydro plant is designed to last at least 50 years, but usually lasts 100 years or more, it seemed that a better approach to the corrosion problem would be needed …For this project all steel components used outside or underwater will be coated with Polyset, a single coat, corrosion protection system. Polyset is a 0 volatile organic compound (VOC), 100 percent WaterBorne, inorganic High Ratio Zinc Silicate (WB HRZS). Unlike traditional coatings that simply mechanically bond to steel, Polyset chemically bonds with the steel, forming an impermeable, virtual glass surface. Because it forms a true chemical bond, Polyset cannot undercut or blister. Even when damaged, it will stop the migration of corrosion.”

In addition to Polyset’s WB HRZS®, the session paper also includes the following innovations:

  • Submersible Turbine-Generators
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Construction in Abandoned Navigational Lock
  • Elimination of Turbine Wicket Gates
  • Project Financing

For more information our WB HRZS® single coat system, stop by our booth – #9028- and speak with Earl Ramlow, Product Manager – Protective Coatings.