Learn about the one product that has a history of proven success within the US Navy Causeway systems and the US Army Modular Causeway Systems.

Earl Ramlow, Product Manager – Protective Coatings, is presenting on Wednesday (August 14th) at the 2019 Department of Defense – Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference. Earl’s presentation will focus on the 100% waterborne, 0 VOC technology of our WB HRZS®, as well as its effectiveness against corrosion.


Corrosion is a major problem for all Department of Defense (DoD) assets. A clear choice for effective corrosion prevention is critical to support our military end users for all missions. For more than 30 years the DoD has relied on the unchanging technology of WB HRZS®. This product provides superior corrosion prevention in any atmospheric application and immersion providing hard fouling resistance of steel structures in both fresh and salt water environments. WB HRZS® is a 100% waterborne, 0 VOC technology providing 100% cathodic and galvanic corrosion prevention, self-healing, dual mechanical / chemical bond to various substrates. WB HRZS® is 100% environmentally safe and easily applied in the factory or in the field. It was originally developed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for use on the launch pads and gantries in the 1970’s. In 1985, Mil-Std-24648 was developed for this technology.

If you’re interested in hearing more, but are unable attend the conference, please contact us.