Advanced Materials

Cationic Catalysts

Polyset is a technological leader in cationic systems. In that effort, Polyset has introduced the PC-2500 series diaryliodonium and triarylsulfonium cationic catalysts. These catalysts exhibit good solubility in a variety of commercially available resins, along with high photoactivity, especially when used in conjunction with applicable photosensitizers. Polyset is developing formulated products based on PC-2500 series cationic catalysts and Polyset’s proprietary novel epoxy resins. These resins and catalysts have a variety of applications, including UV-Curable Printing Inks, Nanoimprint Lithography Solutions and E-Beam Coil Coatings.


Diaryliodonium (DAI) Catalyst ProductDescriptionFeatures
PC-2506DAI - SbF6, Solid Salt
Fast Cure Speeds
PC-2508DAI - PF6, Solid SaltHeavy Metal-Free Anion
PC-2509DAI - SbF6, Solid SaltNon-Benzene Releasing
PC-2544DAI - SbF6, 40% SolutionPC-2506 dissolved in cycloaliphatic epoxy
Triarylsulfonium (TAS) Catalyst ProductDescriptionFeatures
PC-2505TAS - SbF6, 50% SolutionEspecially Sensitive for i-line applications
PC-2514TAS - PF6, 50% SolutionHeavy Metal-Free Anion
PC-2520TAS - SbF6, Solid SaltSingle Isomer Salt, Lower Photospeed Variability