Expansion Joint Systems

Polyset is a leader in the design and manufacture of expansion joint systems for the bridge construction industry.

Expansion joints are imperative to the life-cycle of a bridge; the consequence of failing joints as a result of poor quality or improper installation will severely compromise a bridge’s structural integrity. Our Ply-Krete® joint systems are designed to allow for continuous traffic while accommodating movement, shrinkage and temperature variations on both the concrete and steel structure elements of a bridge. These systems are designed to preserve and protect concrete decks and substructures by preventing water absorption and minimizing chloride intrusion in the most abusive environments.

Ply-Krete® joint systems consist of a high strength, moisture insensitive, elastomeric concrete nosing material, and Ply-Seal®, a waterproof joint seal. Polyset’s joint systems are designed to be easier, faster, and less expensive to install than our competitors joint systems. In addition to bridges, Ply-Krete® joint systems are ideal for parking decks, stadiums, and airports.