Advanced Materials

Polyset is a technological leader in cationic chemistry solutions.

Polyset manufactures a series of diaryliodonium initiators (DAI). These cationic catalysts exhibit good solubility in a variety of commercially-available oxirane and oxetane resins, along with high photoactivity, especially when used in conjunction with applicable photosensitizers. Polyset develops formulated products based on PC-2500 series cationic catalysts and Polyset’s novel epoxy resins. These formulated solutions are utilized in a variety of applications, including UV-Curable Printing Inks, Nanoimprint Lithography Solutions, and E-Beam Coil Coatings.

Polyset is also continuing to develop a family of novel epoxy siloxane monomers and oligomers that are especially attractive for the microelectronic and optical fields. From microlens arrays to redistribution dielectrics. Polyset’s coatings can be modified to fit a variety of application methods, including. Additionally, the high reactivity combination of the PC-2000 series resins and PC-2500 series catalyst enables usage curing methods, including LED, e-beam, and UV.