Protective Coatings

WB HRZS® is the previously NASA-patented coating technology IC 531. Polyset is the original, commercial manufacturer of this product.

It is a 100% WaterBorne, High Ratio Zinc Silicate. WB HRZS® chemically bonds to steel to provide excellent corrosion protection (both galvanic and cathodic), has high heat and abrasion resistance, is completely self-curing and emits 0 VOCs. WB HRZS® provides unparalleled protection for steel in the harshest marine and offshore environments. It can be used as a Single Coat System, Primer or a Pre-Construction Primer.

Our WB HRZS® Primer can be topcoated with various options including our Ply-Guard AS (Polyaspartic) and Ply-Guard PSC8 (Polysiloxane), both offering high gloss and color retention, as well as additional abrasion and chemical resistance. For industrial/commercial flooring applications, our Ply-Guard AS can also be utilized as an excellent direct-to-concrete coating system, as well as our Ply-Guard EP (Epoxy), depending on the customer need. For various structural steel and concrete applications, we offer our Ply-Guard UR (Polyurea) that can be spray-applied to full film thickness (80-200 mils DFT) in a single pass and offers excellent impact, chemical, and abrasion resistance. This product is also available in formulations for commercial/industrial roofing applications, joint filler, and potable water applications.