We are excited to announce our new Ply-Krete® TM Bridge Joint System!  Designed to be a time management joint system, it allows the waterproof joint seal placement with the nosing material.

The joint seal, which is a stay-in-place form, fits various gaps, minimizing premeasuring. Depending on the application requirements, the system may be used with or without a top sealant. The time management joint system is ideal for new and rehab projects, and can be used on expansion joints and fixed joints.

New Technology Benefits

  • Install entire joint system at one time
  • No temporary form to remove
  • Eliminates the need for a second trip for the seal install
  • Saves labor, time, and traffic set-up
  • Fits various gaps (minimizes premeasuring)
  • May be used with optional top sealant
  • US & International patent protected

Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Prepare Block-Out | Step 2: Place Ply-Seal TM | Step 3: Install Ply-Krete®

For more information, contact our Expansion Joint Systems team!