Ply-Guard UR is two-component, rapid curing, spray-applied polyurea coating/lining system that is 100% solids and 0 VOC.

Ply-Guard UR can be directly spray-applied (or with the aid of a primer) to metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass, and geotextiles. Ideal for industries with both foot and heavy machinery traffic, Ply-Guard UR exhibits excellent abrasion and impact resistance, as well as very good chemical resistance.



Marine | Food & Agriculture | Structural Steel and Concrete | Storage Tanks | Mining | Pipelines | Roofing | Truck Bed Linings | Flooring and Parking Decks | Aquariums

Other Ply-Guard UR products include:

  • Ply-Guard UR (Fast Set) is a fast set, polyurea coating system with durable seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane
    • Industries: Mining | Gas & Oil | Military | Storage Tanks
  • Ply-Guard UR (Potable Water) is a polyurea lining system specifically formulated for potable water applications meeting NSF\ANSI 61, creating a monolithic, seamless lining that conforms to any shape and size
    • Industries: Potable Water Management | Water Features | Wastewater
  • Ply-Guard UR (Aluminized) is formulated for commercial and industrial roofing applications, containing UV stabilizers and leafing aluminum pigment for excellent UV stability. It has excellent adhesion to metal, wood, foam, concrete, BUR, and various roofing materials.
    • Industries: Industrial & Commercial Roofing Applications
  • Ply-Guard UR (Joint Filler) is a self-leveling polyurea joint filler that is formulated to protect industrial concrete floor joints from spalling under hard wheels or heavy machinery
    • Industries: Parking Garages

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