We recently received our MBE Certification with The Port Authority of NY/NJ.

  • Expansion Joint Systems: we are an industry leader in the design and manufacture of expansion joint systems for bridges, parking garages, airports, and rail platforms. View our Expansion Joints product portfolio.
  • High Performance Coatings: our product portfolio includes corrosion protection coatings for steel structures like bridges, guide rails, marine vessels/containers, and concrete floor coatings for a variety of building structures including warehouse facilities, bus depots, and airport terminals/hangars. View our Protective Coatings and Concrete Coatings product portfolios.

Below you’ll find the multiple commodity codes for our products.

Code Description
NIGP 36060 Special Flooring, Industrial: Resinous, Elastomeric Liquid, etc.
NIGP 63011 Coatings, Protective, High Performance, Polyureas and Polyaspartics
NIGP 63019 Coatings, Protective, Zinc-Rich, Cold Galvanizing Compound
NIGP 74549 Expansion Joint Material: Asphalt, Rubber, etc.
NIGP 74556 Joint Sealants: Asphalt, Elastomeric Materials, Glass Filament, Impervious Membranes, Plastic, Rubber, Silicones, Water Stops, etc.
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