As an honorary chair for The Dake Foundation’s annual event, see what Raj Ghoshal has to say about this year’s Child’s Play event!

With so many great charitable organizations and committees in the Capital Region, what was it about the Dake Foundation that made you want to get involved?
-It’s the people involved that really make supporting the Foundation an easy undertaking. From everyone in the event committee, to the board members and the medical advisory panel, the passion and support is apparent.

This May is the Ninth Annual Child’s Play event. How many have you been involved with?
-My first Child’s Play attended was in 2014

What is it you love most about this event?
-Child’s Play is a great kickoff to Spring in earnest, and it’s wonderful to see the impact on the children that are supported by the Foundation with their performances and presentations.

Which upcoming SPAC performance are you most excited to attend?
-I’ve attended almost all the DMB concerts at SPAC since 1996, so I wouldn’t miss that for anything. Other than that, Chris Stapleton is the artist I haven’t seen that I really want to!

The Dake Foundation for Children’s mission is to provide children with disabilities tools and services to help them become independent as possible while maximizing fun. What in Saratoga Springs do you do for fun?
-When I’m not laid up, I love to explore the trails in Saratoga Springs (Spring Run, State Park, etc.) or golfing at any place that will have me in the county.