Hear what our new customer – Pigliavento Masonry and Concrete Coatings, LLC – has to say about using our products!
Although they are new to us,  Pigliavento Masonry and Concrete Coatings, LLC have been in business for nearly 30 years. They recently incorporated our coating systems into their projects and have produced beautiful concrete floors!

“With over 26 years in the concrete and protective coating business, I have high standards and a 5 star reputation to maintain,” says Jimmy Pigliavento, Pigliavento Masonry and Concrete Coatings, LLC. “That’s why I put my trust into the Polyset Company. Hands down, Polyset manufactures the highest quality products in the business. I have had tremendous success with everything I have used: Ply-Guard UC (SL) urethane cement, Ply-Guard EP and EP (Flex) epoxies, Ply-Guard AS polyaspartic, and the best crack fillers on the market, Ply-Guard and Ply-Krete® Plugs.”

Check out some Before & After pictures from their projects.

Project Name Before After
Mica Floor
Pool Deck
Madras Flake Floor