Expansion Joint Systems

Polyset’s Expansion Joint Systems can be found in numerous bridges, parking garages, airports, waterways, and stadiums around the world. Contact us to learn more about our expansion joint systems.


Kolkata Metro Rail

Project: Kolkata Metro Rail | Bridges & Roadways
Location: Kolkata, India
Products: Ply-Seal® Joint System



Project: Fort Anne Bridge | Bridges & Roadways
Location: Fort Anne, NY
Products: Ply-Krete® FS 350 Joint System



Project: High Speed Rail | Bridges & Roadways
Location: South Korea
Products: Ply-Seal® XE



Project: I-40 Bridge | Bridges & Roadways
Location: Asheville, NC
Products: Ply-Seal® XE + Ply-Bonder


Baxter Water Treatment

Project: Baxter Water Treatment | Water & Wastewater Treatment
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Products: Ply-Seal® + Ply-Bonder


Project: Ilambazar Bridge (Ajoy River) | Bridges & Roadways
Location: West Bengal, India
Products: Ply-Krete® Joint System + Ply-Seal® + Ply-Bonder


Denver International Airport

Project: Denver International Airport | Airports
Location: Denver, CO
Products: Ply-Seal® XE Beige + Ply-Seal® FB + Ply-Bonder Beige



Project: Thaddeus Kosciusko Bridge | Bridges & Roadways
Location: Halfmoon, NY
Products: Private Label



Project: Airport Parking Garage | Parking Structures
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Products: Ply-Krete® Joint System