Contract Manufacturing

Approximately 20 percent of Polyset’s revenues are generated from contract manufacturing products for other companies. Polyset has a modern, 60,000 square foot manufacturing and R&D facility that is equipped to consistently manufacture production batches with lot-to-lot uniformity. We possess the process capabilities to handle the full spectrum of resin viscosities and thixotropy from simple blending, high-shear mixing to high temperature reactions. We also have the ability to handle a variety of packaging requirements, from large tankers to small quart cans. Polyset maintains a high degree of quality assurance through its fully-equipped laboratories, including the ability to test to a variety of ASTM standards.

Today, Polyset contract manufactures for a number of global companies, including a Fortune Fifty corporation where we are considered as one of their formal manufacturing sites. We treat each customer with confidentiality and strive to meet their specific individual requirements. In some cases we are integrated into a customer’s computer network systems for real-time operations data. Our vast knowledge and manufacturing capabilities in the area of polyurethanes and epoxies has also contributed to more efficient processing schemes and subsequent cost reductions for our customers. To maintain our leadership in this area we have a state-of-the-art research and development center with an array of laboratories dedicated to quality control, resin development, synthesis and pilot plant manufacture of specialty products.

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