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Polyset Company Polymer and Coating Systems for Performance                                                                                                                            

Urethane Systems  

Polyset is a technology driven materials company with a philosophy of designing the resin system around the need and to establish a product which will maximize performance within the cost parameter of the project.

Polyset is a market leader within its product areas of focus. Most notably, we have been a leader in polyurethane adhesive, elastomer and foam systems for the air filtration industry over the past 30 years. Our diversified product line also includes state-of-the-art expansion joint systems for the construction market, protective coatings for the marine and offshore industries and cationic catalysts for epoxy curing applications. Much of our new product development focuses on  formulating adhesives for the liquid filtration, liquid membrane and reverse osmosis markets. Furthermore, we continue to provide wafer level manufacturing and interconnect assembly applications that incorporate both electronic and optical packaging materials as well.

Polyset also currently provides contract manufacturing services of resins, prepolymers, adhesives, and related components for diverse companies, including Fortune Fifty corporations.

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